Alexander Istad
Espen Meling Sele

The Dynamite Dudes and the Buzzkiller

Gutta Krutt & Gledesdreperen

The Dynamite Dudes – Alex, Nikk and Proffen – attend the world’s best school with the world’s best head teacher and their lives are really quite enjoyable. One day when they arrive at school, the head teacher announces that he’s going on a long holiday with his husband. But the dudes need not worry! The head teacher has hired an incredibly talented substitute named Lars-Rune Simonsen. It doesn’t take long after Lars-Rune arrives before strange things start happening at the school. The teachers behave weirdly, almost like robots. The children stop laughing and playing during recess. The Dynamite Dudes even notice an 8-year-old who’s reading The Financial Times! Something is very wrong.

The dudes decide to take the matter into their own hands, but that turns out to be easier said than done. Because who is following them through the streets of town? What’s really going on at school? And what happens when one of the brothers disappears without a trace?With the help of an old map of the underground tunnel system under the town, the chemistry kit they got for Christmas and Nikk’s large online following, the Dynamite Dudes unravel a plot bigger and more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

The Dynamite Dudes and The Buzzkiller is the first book in a funny and totally crazy series. The book is easy to read and illustrated throughout, perfect for readers of the Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths.

Nominated for the 2024/2025 Avid Reader Award (Bokslukerprisen)

Gutta krutt
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Photo: Maria Kleppe Vihovde

Alexander Istad (b.1978) has a bachelor in film art from The Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Farnham, and is also a photographer. The Dynamite Dudes and the Buzzkiller is his debut novel.

Espen Meling Sele (b.1992) is an illustrator with experience from marketing and film production.