Heidi Mittun-Kjos

Girls in Trees

Jenter i trær

Aunt Magni is to be buried on the island she comes from. That is the self-imposed mission of her niece. Magni’s urn in her luggage, she travels back to the house where she spent the summers of her childhood. Hoping to make amends for old sins, she is confronted with the deceiving squiggles in her family lines, in a landscape where her family have been leading an unfair battle against their lots in life for generations. Searching for closure turns out to be very difficult indeed.

Girls in Trees is an uproarious, devil-may-care, sensuous story of kids who grow up, kids who are hidden, and kids that never existed. It’s a novel of loss and loneliness, but also about the moments of departure and freedom that contain the possibility of a different life.

Original (6)

“Masterful. (…) Mittun-Kjos weaves together themes and wordings to create a splendid thicket that it is delightfully difficult to untangle oneself from. The small things in life are elevated to and integrated with the big things in a characteristic and controlled manner, in a forceful story of the value in what is and what will be.”

Dagbladet, 6/6 stars

“(…) the gripping story of a family, written in a lyrical prose. (…) The result is a gripping and very well-written book.”

Stavanger Aftenblad
Original (12)
Photo: Ida Gøytil

Heidi Mittun-Kjos (b. 1972) was born and grew up in Oslo. She is the creative director of a design and advertising agency, and has attended Gyldendal’s Academy of Creative Writing. Girls in Trees is her second novel.