Children And Young Adults
Young Adult Novel (Vol. I in a series)

Nina E. Grøntvedt

Hey, It’s Me!
Hei, det er meg!

Please don’t leave me here alone… PS: Everything I’m about to tell you – is 110% true!!!
In this super secret diary (which is 110% true), 12-year-old Oda spills the beans about life in Crooked Hill, where she lives on a small, winding street with wooden houses, wedged between a forest valley and a fjord, somewhere in Norway. Oda has a mega annoying little sister, Ellie. Ida’s best friend in the whole wide world, Helen, lives just up the street. Unfortunately, so does Helen’s nerdy older brother, Simon.
Pondering over her “completely normal life” in a small community, no thought or idea is too small or too big for Ida. When she isn’t falling in love with famous authors, she is spying on mysterious neighbors with Helen, or getting into fights with stupid, horrid Simon. But when a snowball fight goes a bit too far, Oda is suddenly the world’s loneliest person. How can she make it all go back to the way it used to be?

Illustrated by the author, in black and white.

Bok 314

“Super-cool book for those over ten.”


‘Nina Grøntvedt writes as if she was twelve years old. In this case, it is a great compliment.’

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