Children And Young Adults
Picture Book

Øyvind Torseter

The Hole

‘Hello, I’ve discovered a hole in my apartment … it moves around … yes … if you could come and look at it … bring it down to you, you say … how … hello!’

The protagonist has discovered a hole and tries to find an explanation. He seeks expert advice. But not everything can be explained. Perhaps he will just have to accept that it’s there.
The Hole has simple, expressive drawings by pen and computer. The hole is punched right through the book, so it exists in real life.

Nominated for the Brage Prize 2012 and IBBY’s Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2012

Bok 366

‘Quite simply masterful work, once again.’

Hamar Arbeiderblad

‘A charming and ingenious children’s book that is similarly sure to charm mums and dads.’


‘Humorous and imaginative. It will entertain people from the age of 3 to the age of 100.’

Vårt land

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