Kenneth Steven

The Story About How Dogs Got Wet Noses

Historia om korleis hunden fekk våt snute

A fabulous twist on Noah’s Ark.

When water floods the land, old Noah builds a huge ark and takes on board creepy-crawlies, farm animals and wild animals of every type. While they are out at sea something awful happens, the boat springs a leak! What on earth can they do? Luckily Noah knows a way.

This picture book is a lively retelling of the old fable about how dogs got wet noses.

llustrated by Øyvind Torseter.

Bok 385
Forfatter 385

Kenneth Steven is a poet, children’s book author and translates poetry.
He has translated books from Norwegian into English.

(b. 1972)
Øyvind Torseter is by many regarded as one of the most creative illustrators in Norway and a recognized artist. He has written the text of six of his own picture books and illustrated ten others. He has received prices both in Norway and abroad.