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Steffen Kverneland

Munch - A Graphic Biography on Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch (1863-1944) is one of the world’s most important modern artists. Munch is a graphic biography, a unique project in the way it is told exclusively through quotes by Munch and his contemporaries. Kverneland incorporates Munch’s art in the book, with samples and quotations expertly executed throughout the book. The overall effect is startling, and we get a loving and humorous close-up of the master expressionist, as well as a group portrait of the Scandinavian bohemia of the late nineteenth century. The first chapter of Munch was exhibited in the Munch-museum in Oslo, and later acquired in its entirety by the National Gallery of Norway.

Winner of the 2013 Brage Prize, Ministry of Culture’s Award for Best Graphic Novel 2013 and The Pondus Prize 2013

‘The biographical comic on Munch is one of the funniest and most playful works that has ever been written about the artist. (…) Kverneland’s manuscript is a collage of Edvard Munch’s own texts and letters, and books written by his close friends and circle. Only primary texts are used, and every single comic-frame has its own source reference.’
Elin Kittelsen, Munch-scholar, selecting her three all time Munch-literature favourites for NRK

Bok 402

‘Luminously brilliant throughout.’

European Literature Network

‘… dazzlingly use of sequential storytelling… Rarely have I read a more entertaining biography.’

The Comics Journal

‘… astounding. Kverneland’s energy, passion, knowledge, and drive fly off every page, holding us spellbound within the book.’

The Quietus

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