Children And Young Adults

Ida Skivenes

Playful Breakfasts - Eat Your Art Out
Leik med maten. Kreativ frukost for store og små

Your mother was wrong, you are allowed to play with your food! With a few simple steps, even the most ordinary sandwich meal can be transformed into a piece of art, simply food art.
How about polar bear oatmeal, owl pancakes, strawberry santas or mermaid pancakes to start the day? Or perhaps you would rather make Big Ben or Taj Mahal? Here are ideas for you to create healthy, colorful breakfasts that are fun for both children and adults.

The book also contains recipes for different kinds of porridge, pancakes, granola and scones plus some helpful tips to make your own food art. The meals are made with simple equipment and available ingredients – and many of them just take a few minutes to make. Let yourself be inspired and entertained!

Bok 480

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