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Helge Torvund
Mari Kanstad Johnsen

The Sudden Cats
The Sudden Cats

Thomas and Theo go to their grandfather to eat pancakes, listen to his old records and to play garage rock. While eating, something very strange happens: their grandfather suddenly turns into a cat! They think this is fun and exciting, but also a bit challenging since they are soon going to give a rock concert for the whole village with their group “The Sudden Cats”.

Nominated for the 2013 Norwegian Ministry of Culture’s literary prizes for children and young adults, as best picture book.

Illustrated by Mari Kanstad Johnsen.

Praise for Torvund and Kanstad Johnsen’s book Vivaldi (2011):
“An aesthetic pleasure. (…) So lavish and visually delicious children’s books are not common. (…) Mari Kanstad Johnsen has a clear signature (…) and this time she excels herself with colorful and contrasting illustrations (…) In short, an excellent collaboration in a picture book that is a joy to experience.”
- Dagbladet

“In itself, the book is an aesthetic pleasure. It’s good. But when the book manages to convey important content, very important content, it is lifted up to the pearl level. It is a glass bead that the sun should shine through to make colors bounce in all directions. … First and foremost this is a picture book that takes children seriously in a way that challenges and touches. It deserves a salute.” – Vårt Land

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