Øyvind Dahl

Human Encounters. An Introduction to Intercultural Communication

Møte mellom mennesker. Innføring i interkulturell kommunikasjon

Human Encounters provides a solid introduction to the field of intercultural communications. The reader gains insight into important concepts, theories of communication, methods of analysis and ethical challenges. The book also has a practical aim: to shed light on themes such as encountering other languages, use of interpreters, unusual body language, different understandings of time, relocation, use of power and the management of cultural conflict.

This accessible and richly illustrated book will be suitable for students of university colleges and universities as well as all those who encounter intercultural work situations in Norway and abroad, for example within the school system, health and social welfare sectors, public administration, support services, the travel industry and business.

Bok 533
Forfatter 533

Dr. of Philosophy Øyvind Dahl, himself brought up in Madagascar, has travelled and worked in several parts of the world and is now Professor Emeritus at the Mission University College in Stavanger. There he took the initiative to establish the Centre for Intercultural Communication (SIK) and the Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication (NIC).