Children And Young Adults
Novel (Vol. I in a series)

A. Audhild Solberg

Me vs. The Monster Girls
Kampen mot superbitchene

Anne Bea is not OK. Thea, the queen bee, is always pestering her. And Anne Bea expects that no one will ever fall in love with her. Luckily she has one friend, Nils. Does she really need more friends when she already has the best friend in the world?

Me vs. The Monster Girls is an unsentimental and funny story about how brutal school life can be and how it actually is quite true that she who laughs last wins.

Winner of 2014 ARK Children’s Book Prize

Solberg, audhild kampen mot superbitchene hd

‘Debutant Anne Audhild Solberg writes very successful about the battle against the popular group (…) Solberg is a very good storyteller that masters the craft of writing.’


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