Marita Liabø


Lust, shame and loneliness: Hedda is going back to work after the summer holidays. It’s going to be a fine autumn. She’ll be full of energy and resolve. She’s looking forward to it. She will relish the things she has. She has a good relation to the pupils and her colleagues and a good family life. She is still young. She looks good. She doesn’t drink more than most people.

The action in Breathless takes place in the course of a few days during which Hedda gradually loses control over her life. The reader gains a close and intimate insight into Hedda’s family and everyday life, in a society where self-absorption has become as important as social responsibility. Do what you want, as long as you don’t bother anyone. It is all about finding the golden mean. Hedda is unable to find one. She behaves recklessly and her escapades have great consequences for those she loves.

Breathless is about lust, shame and loneliness – and about taking and receiving.

Bok 595

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