Matti Goksøyr

What is Football?

Hva er fotball

Football is more than twenty-two men chasing a ball for 90 minutes. For many people football is a question of life and death. Football is passion. It’s identity. Football is the world’s largest sport for children and youth. Football is the world’s largest media product. Others will say that football first and foremost is a game with specific rules.
All these perspectives are included in the book What is football? The author has combined a wide range of perspectives and has organized it through the five chapters: “The Game”, “the Sport”, “Passion”, “Identity” and “the Product”.

Why does football engage people all over the world? In this well-written book the author gives the football-ignorant stimulating encounters with an unfamiliar topic, and the football expert will find interesting new perspectives.

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Matti Goksøyr is Professor in history at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. He has published books and articles nationally and internationally mainly on the subjects: football and sports in general; nationalism and national identities; sports and international relations; sports, politics and culture; polar history and skiing.