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The Monster Book


The authors of The Monster Book have chosen to explore the universe of monsters in a humorous, and sometimes slightly scary fashion. They have tracked down gigantic, huge monsters and small, tiny monsters, nice and nasty monsters, sad and happy monsters. This is a colourful and imaginative book for the whole family, suitable for reading aloud or for reading alone.

The Monster Book (Monsterboka) is the fourth in a critically acclaimed series of books, each bringing together brand-new Norwegian tales. The previous titles are The Good Night Book (Godnattboka), The Fairy Tale Book (Eventyrboka) and The Feeling Better Book (Trøysteboka). These prize winning anthologies are quickly achieving classic status, with many families owning the whole collection.

The book is illustrated by Gunvor Rasmussen, who also illustrated the other books in the series.

Foreign sales (licensed): China

Bok 604

‘A versatile book well suited to being read out loud. Humour, imagination and food for thought can all be found here.’

Hardanger Folkeblad

Linn T. Sunne (b. 1971)
Atle Berge (b. 1986)
Sigrid Merethe Hanssen (b. 1966)
Arnfinn Kolerud (b. 1968)
Ruth Lillegraven (b. 1978)
Terje Torkildsen (b. 1971)
Kari Smeland (b. 1984)
Sunniva Relling Berg (b. 1988)
Bente Bratlund (b. 1952)
Laura Djupvik (b. 1970)
Helga Gunerius Eriksen (b. 1950)
Terje Hellesen (b. 1973)
Roald Kaldestad (b. 1972)
Marita Liabø (b. 1971)
Lars Mæhle (b. 1971)
Ingelin Røssland (b. 1976)
Tor Arve Røssland (b. 1971)
Karl Seglem (b. 1961)
Solfrid Sivertsen (b. 1947)
Solveig Aareskjold (b. 1949)

Gunvor Rasmussen (b. 1981) studied illustration at Central Saint Martins in London and visual communication at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.