Eskil Engdal

Hunting High and Low. From Rockefeller Road to the End of the World
På kjøret

“That’s why I’d hit the road – to sniff out those last remaining pastel-coloured barracks with their gaudy bed spreads and the smell of carpet cleaner, disinfectant and low morals.»
Through his 17 brutal, funny and poetic stories, Eskil Engdal sets out to depict the times we live in – from the highest peaks of affluence to absolute, bottomless decay.
On board the biggest and most expensive cruise ship ever built, Engdal mixes with the jet-setting, international upper class whilst trying his hand at Big Game fishing on the great oceans of the world. From the Scottish highlands to the riverbeds of Kenya, he depicts our times’ extreme luxury and decadence.
In the same breath, he tells a story of moral and physical decay, about cunning crime and the race for untapped resources. In Ciudad Juarez, the streets he walks are laced with corpses, and by Mount Fuji in Japan, he wanders into a forest where Japanese businessmen get lost to die.
Engdal moves effortlessly between the miserables and the privileged of our time, with a penchant for the rebels of aristocracy and the outcasts of the upper class. His work spans the globe, always uncompromisingly vibrant, sometimes putting his own life on the line. In Zimbabwe, he joins in the hunt for blood diamonds. In Brazil, he is a go-between for the fronts of the drug war.
Hunting high and low is a studiously selected set of stories from one of Norway’s finest writers, who is also an international representative of literary journalism in the vein of Hunter S. Thompson and Ryszard Kapuściński.

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