Survival Guidebook

Anne and Andreas Kumano-Ensby

Postapocalypse Now!
Postapokalypse nå!

Would you survive if a disaster paralyzed society and you had no one to rely on but yourself?

Imagine if a solar flare disables the electric grid, a volcanic eruption covers our country in ash or a terrorist attack levels your home town.

How will you find safe food in a contaminated area? How do you keep warm and dry? And exactly how many uses can you find for peat moss?

If you can not name even one edible plant, if you struggle to light a fire with dry wood, kindling and matches, and you don’t know when, where or how to seek shelter from either the harsh winter climate or radioactive fallout, Postapocalypse Now! will give you a slight advantage, a fighting chance. The skills you will learn will not only prepare you for when society as we know it has been destroyed. They can also be useful and enjoyable for the life you lead today. And perhaps a greater respect and understanding for nature and the challenges we face when dealing with it, might just postpone the end for a little while.

When disaster strikes, this is the guidebook you need to have in your backpack.

Kumano ensby postapokalypse nå

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