Children And Young Adults
Novel (series, 4 volumes)

Ingvar Ambjørnsen

Samson & Roberto
Samson & Roberto

Samson is a kind but very ugly dog and Roberto is a smart and very hungry cat. Together they run the boarding house Baywatch, where the badger Greta is bellgirl and the otter Olli takes care of everything that needs fixing and repairing.

Titles in the series:
SAMSON & ROBERTO 1. The Inheritance of Uncle Rin-Tin-Tei (Arven etter onkel Rin-Tin-Tei), 1998
SAMSON & ROBERTO 2. Fiery Friends (Krakilske kamerater), 1999
SAMSON & ROBERTO 3. Father Pietro’s Secret (Pater Pietros hemmelighet), 2000
SAMSON & ROBERTO 4. Captain Nero (Kaptein Nero), 2013.

Ilustrated by Per Dybvig.

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