Marit Eikemo


Alt inkludert

Agnes and her six year old daughter, Maja, move into a housing unit in an ordinary Norwegian subburb, without any social network, friends, money or furniture. We follow Agnes throughout the summer months, and her attempts to establish herself. While Maja plays Nintendo, Agnes spends her time on, hunting down furniture and other things they need.
She finds a heavily discounted sofa, she finds bedsheets at an estate sale. She finds a complete matching bedroom set for Maja’s room via a mommy blog. Meanwhile, she also finds that her discoveries lead to contacts and personal entanglements, even when the things are free. And people, she doesn’t always understand.
Things only worsen, when a seemingly well-provided for, and satisfying life, abruptly reveals an emptiness and want for something beyond material things. Little white lies is all that is necessary for Agnes to make things glide along a little easier. Yet life quickly gets more challenging for her, money runs out and the lies only continue to grow, as the school year approaches.
A colorful cast of characters, amusing scenes and a scrupulous exploration, Marit Eikemo presents a sharp portrait of our society today and shows how we live side by side and alone.

All-Inclusive is on Aftensposten’s top 6 favorite Norwegian fiction titles for Autumn 2015.

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‘Eikemo strikes again. (…) Marit Eikemo excells through her language, humor and empathy, and as an important observer of our time.’


‘I’m always stunned by how good Eikemo really is (…) Marit Eikemo’s fourth novel establishes her as one of our sharpest contemporary voices.’


‘It’s not that often contemporary Norwegian literature makes the reader laugh. This book does.’

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Photo: Agnete Brun

Marit Eikemo (f. 1971) has worked as a magazine editor and festival manager for the Literary Symposium in Odda, Norway, and currently works as an editor at a big Norwegian publishing house. Eikemo has published three critically acclaimed novels and an essay collection.