Christer Mjåset

You Are Bobby Fischer
Det er du som er Bobby Fischer

For the first time in twenty-five years, he is back in Lillehammer for a friend’s funeral.
A 40-year old man is forced to look back on something which has plagued him his entire life. His childhood friend Kristoffer is to be buried, and four friends from his adolescence are reunited and forced to confront the painful events that occurred a summer long ago. A girl friend disappeared, and other things went horribly wrong. What have they been involved with? And why does the narrator, Håkon, carry such heavy guilt with him?

Mjåset is a master at conjuring up intense discomfort and a lurking creepy feeling underneath what seems like an average environment. The novel has a suggestive build-up, with fast-paced changes between then (the eighties) and now (burial); that slowly uncovers the brutal truth. At the very end, the plot takes a surprising turn.

Mjåset det er du som er bobby fischer hd

‘Christer Mjåset lays himself close to the crime genre in this well composed “Lillehammer novel”, where a grown man goes back to his hometown to partake in a funeral.’
*****5 stars


‘A pearl of a novel.’


‘Mjåset writes well and unsentimental, and serves us a strong story, which keeps surprising the reader until the very end.’


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