Children and Young Adults
Novel (Vol. II in a series)

Håkon Øvreås
Øyvind Torseter


The follow-up to Nordic Council Prize-winning Brown/i>!

A new girl has moved into the old bakery. Atle finds her exciting. He thinks that if only he borrows the chairman’s prize-winning hen and then pretends that he has found it, he is sure to get into the newspaper, and the new girl will be impressed and like him.

It is worth a try.

But when the attempt does not go completely according to plan, everything suddenly becomes a bit tricky. Atle needs help from the super hero Black, and his faithful companions Brown and Blue. Brown and Blue do not completely understand what has happened, or what they are involved in, but neither does Atle, really. Everything is ready for action and all sorts of complications.

Illustrated by Øyvind Torseter.

Black is the sequel to the internationally acclaimed Brown.
The last book in the trilogy, Blue, will be published in 2016/2017.

Øvreås svartle hd

‘The dynamics between the verbal and visual story is good … The prose is practically unblemished. And it is more open, more boldly unresolved.’


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