Michael Baziljevich

Sensational World

Sansenes vidunderlige verden

Sensational World is a unique book, presenting the entire spectrum of subjects related to sensory perception.
It spans from the anatomy of the senses to the philosophical aspects of reality perception.
The book is written for adolescents and adults with an interest in popular science, and includes a number of fascinating experiments and illusions.
The range of topics includes hallucinating drugs, extrasensory perception, sensory prosthetics, phantom limbs, synaesthesia, animal senses, virtual reality, and dreaming.

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‘The book is popular science at its best.’


‘Baziljevich has previously received the science dissemination award from the Research Council for his work, and this book is no less prize-worthy.’


‘Would I recommend the book? Oh yeah!’

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Michael Baziljevich (b. 1965) spent his childhood years watching the sparkling starry skies. He quickly became a devout amateur astronomer, and later added basement chemistry to his hobbies. Baziljevich started his academic career learning physics and mathematics at the University of Oslo (UiO), and his PhD involved superconducting materials and optics. Today he is a professor in physics at UiO with a particular interest in high speed imaging of magnetic phenomena. In parallel with his academic work, Baziljevich has always been an enthusiastic popularizer. He initiated and organized a public science event at the UiO, the Astrofestival, which for a ten year period was one of the biggest yearly events at the University, catering more then 5000 visitors each time. He has also been running youth science clubs and developing course material for such activities. Baziljevich has written many popular science articles, in addition to a number of academic research papers. In 1999 his first book, The Atom and the Apple, was published.

Due to his extensive contribution in disseminating science to the general public, he received a national award from the Research Council of Norway in 2001 and one from the University of Oslo in 2003. Baziljevich has a broad interest in science, and one of his favorite subjects is our senses and perception. This interest led to a unique book, Sensational World, describing all the fascinating issues related to our senses.