Cathrine Evelid

Dreams from Texaco

Drømmer fra Texaco

In her third novel, Cathrine Evelid takes the reader into a dreamlike landscape where ordinary people strive to belong and belong together.

Sisters Rita and Linda are used to new beginnings. This time their mother Aud is moving in with Finn in a flat above his Texaco garage. But the three newcomers seeking a family get more than they bargained for, as Finns mother and other relatives live right across the plain. The truth about what happened in the accident that almost killed Finn’s brother, Alf, is blurred, and not everyone thinks Finn he is entitled to run the garage. Will Texaco become an end station or just another rest stop?
Dreams from Texaco is a powerful drama about family, inheritance and about growing roots when departure always lurks around the bend.

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‘Made me think of Bagdad Cafe and the song «Calling you»’.

Fedrelandsvennen, throw of the dice: 5

NRK critic Leif Ekle compares Evelids book with Per Pettersons “Out stealing horses”, and also writes: ‘[Evelid writes] very, very well. (…) Very much alive, this unsentimental – yes rough – story depicts human closeness, not through big words, but through acts and presence. And it depicts darkness and those with unkind intentions, without ever letting go of hope.’

Evelid, cathrine

Cathrine Evelid trained as a painter and lives in Oslo. She received excellent reviews for her debut, Mamma er en countrysang (Mum is a Country Song) (2012) and was nominated for Sørlandets litteraturpris for her 2013 book Dinglen and Ramona. Drømmer fra Texaco is her best work to date, and might be her breakthrough.