Tyra Teodora Tronstad

The Darkness Comes From Within

Mørket kommer innenfra

War. Evil. Fear. And an inner strength they did not know about.

Linnea and Max meet against all odds. They are both fleeing from their hometowns. Bandits have taken over. Nothing is as it used to be. The electricity is gone. There is no food. People are being evacuated.

When everyone they have believe in turn against them, they will have to find the strength they need in each other

Winner of the Critic’s Prize for Best Children’s and YA book 2016

Tronstad mørket kommer innenfra

’It’s so compassionate and wise. This is literature. Nevertheless, I have seldom felt closer to an experience to be a refugee in our time.’

Bergens Tidende

‘Tyra Teodora Tronstad has written the darkest and most important YA […] exceptionally very well written.’


‘Terrifying realistic YA’

Tronstad, tyra teodora hd

Tyra Teodora Tronstad (b. 1972) is a highly acclaimed author. Her YA novel The Darkness Comes From Within won The Critic’s Prize 2016. She was also nominated to The Critic’s Prize 2012 for her YA novel Animal Thoughts.