Demian Vitanza

This Life or the Next

Dette livet eller det neste

A groundbreaking work of literary fiction.

In 2015, author Demian Vitanza was teaching a writing class in one of Norways high security prisons when he met «Tariq», a young Norwegian-Pakistani man imprisoned for travelling to Syria and taking part in terrorist actions. «I want you to write my story» he told Vitanza. «But it needs to be in the form of a novel»
Based on more than hundred hours of conversation, this is the story of a young man driven as much by idealism as by his emerging faith, who constantly questions and doubts the actions that eventually puts him at the Syrian border in the middle of the night.
Combined with the literary sensibility of one of Norways best young authors, this novel, in addition to shining new light on one of the most urgent issues of todays Europe, is also a timeless work of literature about memory, truth and the way we present and justify our own stories.

Vitanza dette livet eller det neste hd

’The by far best book the reviewer has read about foreign fighters going to Syria.

Dagbladet, 6 out of 6 stars

‘Reminds us that art offers contrasts, details and nuances we would otherwise have missed. That is Demian Vitanzas great achievement in this book.’


‘A subdued explosion that sends shrapnel in all directions – to journalism, literary fiction, immigration policy, criticism of religion.’

Vitanza demian

Demian Vitanza (b.1983) is a playwright and author. He made his literary debut with the highly critically acclaimed Urak (2011). His play Londonuim is translated to danish, french and chinese, and his dramatic work have been staged at The Norwegian National Theatre and Det Norske Teateret a.o.
This Life or the Next is his third book.