Short Stories

Roskva Koritzinsky

Somewhere In Here
Her inne et sted

This exceptionally mature debut consists of twelve short stories which all depict relations between people who are either related or close friends. The situations described in the stories all reflect that which is on the verge of the unendurable. Very often the protagonist’s identity, gender and relationship with the other characters become clear only very gradually, yet the climaxes are never strained.
Koritzinsky writes in an easy, yet exquisite, startling and precise language. She has the ability to render how young people’s need for control leads to the fear of tying themselves emotionally to others. The author describes, often in a terrifying way, how a coolly detached person devoid of empathy observes others from a distance.

Koritzinsky her inne et sted hd

‘Her short story debut is characterized by an almost physical instinct.’


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