Crime Fiction

Linda Skomakerstuen

Without Significant Errors or Omissions
Uten vesentlige feil eller mangler

A deceased small-town midwife. A disappeared tenant. And a dog that is a nuisance.

Elvira doesn’t really get other people and prefers to keep them at a safe distance with calculations, spreadsheets and crass remarks. And life would have continued in this vein, if it hadn’t been for the strange occurrence of that day. The retired midwife who lived next door dies, and the woman who rented rooms up the hill suddenly and mysteriously disappear. Elvira is convinced that someone in the small southern town is hiding a dark secret. With the sharp mind of an auditor and the midwife’s pesky dog in tow, she takes the matter into her own hands. Reluctantly, she is forced to talk to the people around her. And so she discovers that most people, and perhaps even the wealthy man who lives out on the island Engholmen, are not as bad as she would have liked them to be.

Skomakerstuen uten vesentlige feil eller mangler fotokreditering gyldendal (2)

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