Erik Fosnes Hansen

Psalm at Journey's End

Salme ved reisens slutt

On April 10 1912, seven musicians board the “Titanic” to play on the maiden voyage of the world’s largest passenger ship. During their five final days, their life stories unfold, each musician embodying a part of the mosaic that is Europe on the edge of the century.

Hansen salme ved reisens slutt pocket2016 hd

‘Skilled research and impressionistic prose are expertly mixed into a poetic, absorbing story (…) He writes with fierce energy, creating emotional landscapes that may make one think of the evocative scenes and brilliant colors of Turner paintings. In all, it’s a brilliant piece of storytelling.’

Publishers Weekly

Erik Fosnes Hansen (b. in New York in 1965) made his debut at age twenty with the novel Falketårnet, an intense psychological and symbolic drama set in the German Empire of the Crusades around 1230 AD. The novel was praised by critics and audience alike as a debut far beyond the ordinary.
His best-known work is his second novel, Psalm at Journey’s End (1990), was received as a sensation by the press and is one of the best selling Norwegian postwar novels, also outside Scandinavia. The novel about the musicians in the multinational orchestra onboard the “Titanic” in 1912 reached bestseller level and earned superlatives from critics in the nearly thirty countries where is has been published so far. Fosnes Hansen’s third novel, Tales of Protection was published in 1998 and also became an international bestseller.
His novel Løvkvinnen from 2006 has been filmed by Filmkameratene was released internationally in 2016.