Birger Emanuelsen

Love and Anna
Anna og kjærligheten

Anna Bergseng works as a midwife and she has never had a day off sick in her life. She is the assured, the experienced that younger colleagues look up to. One evening, Anna goes to work with a temperature. Outside the maternity ward, she meets somebody she once knew, and the memories set her reeling. Love and Anna is a story about hope and change. About a life that once was and about how life could have been. Is it ever too late to forgive oneself?

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‘A literary tour de force, so elegant and gripping, a sheer performance of dramaturgy and prose… a warm embrace of a novel, about making the small great.’


Love and Anna is eloquent, sad, beautiful and original in its own right; about ordinary female life that contains so many secrets.’


Love and Anna as a female portrayal will prevail in years to come.’


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