Andreas Tjernshaugen

The Aquarium Book for Kids

Akvarieboka for barn

Do you know what an angry fish looks like? Have you ever seen a newborn fish baby? Did you know that many fishes can change their colours?
In your own aquarium you can see all of this, and more. The Aquarium Book for Kids helps you get started. Here, you get to learn a lot about the fishes, so you can understand what they are up to. You also learn how to care for them at home.
The book is written for kids, as the title says. It explains the behaviour and life cycle of fishes in a language that is accessible and relevant to young readers, who will discover quite a bit about biology and the natural world along the way. However, it is also a practical guide for parents, teachers and others who wants to set up and enjoy an aquarium along with children.

The author, Andreas Tjernshaugen, has been an aquarium enthusiast since he was eight. The Aquarium Book for Kids is illustrated with his own photos of popular aquarium fishes feeding, breeding, growing up and quarreling among themselves. Biologist and internationally renowned aquarium expert Svein Fosså served as a consultant, and helped ensure that the book offers sound advice and scientifically accurate facts.

The Aquarium Book for Kids is sold in bookstores as well as pet shops. It is available in all Norwegian public libraries and school libraries after being selected by the Arts Council Norway.

Akvarieboka for barn omslag
Tjernshaugen,andreas foto katrine gramnæs
Photo: Katrine Gramnæs

Andreas Tjernshaugen is an author and works as an editor for Store norske leksikon (Norwegian Language Encyclopedia). In his spare time he occupies himself with small and large adventures in nature. He has also written Gasskraft – Tjue års klimakamp (Power of Gas – Twenty Years of Climate Battle, 2007) and Meisenes hemmelige liv (The Secret Life of Small Birds, 2015). Tjernshaugen is one of the participants chosen for NORLA’s development programme for new literary talents “New Voices”, a part of the project of Norway as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019.