Agnar Lirhus

Otherwise I'm Not a Human Being

Ellers er jeg ikke noe menneske

Mathilde is fourteen. She doesn’t want to go to school. Mom doesn’t understand what’s going on – even when Mathilde ends up in the hospital. She doesn’t have any friends other than a dog named Eddi, and Xiu, her friend she plays with online. But Xiu also has his/her own problems. Otherwise, I’m not a Human Being is about being bullied, but still standing up for yourself, for others, and for the world. And about the fact that most things are the grown ups’ fault.

Nominated for the Critic’s Prize 2018

Lirhus  ellers er jeg ikke noe menneske omslag
Lirhus foto britt myhrvold
Photo: Britt Myhrvold

Agnar Lirhus is an author and teacher. He has received the Booksellers’ Author’s Stipend and been nominated for the P2-Listeners’ Novel Prize for his books for adults. He writes for young adults and children as well as for an adult audience.