Lars Fr. H. Svendsen

Understanding Animals. Philosophy for Dog Lovers and Cat Lovers

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What would your dog say if it could talk? Most of us assumes that a dog is happy when it wags its tail, or that the cat is happy when it meows and curls up on your lap. But how do the animals surrounding us with think? And can we understand them?
Lars Fr. H. Svendsen has written a book about understanding animals, with examples and discussions from the history of philosophy. From the French philosopher who feel shame when he stands naked in the bathroom and the cat looks at him, to the philosophical questions whether animals can be lonely.
Understanding Animals is an informative, entertaining and witful book about animals and whether it makes sense to describe our animals with human characteristics.

Svendsen å forstå dyr hd grå

Understanding Animals is the type of book I have been wanting to read for a long time, I just realised it when I got it. I like both cats and philosophy – this was a joy to read – de luxe”.

Vårt Land

“Philosopher Lars Fr. H. Svendsen has written an intelligent book on dogs and cats: Can we understand the animals? A wise reflection in the debate about animal welfare”.


“Svendsen isn’t just a clear mind and well bespoken. He is witty.”

Dagbladet, 5 out of 6 stars
Svendsen, lars fr. h. (c) sturlason kagge
Photo: Sturlason

Lars Fr. H. Svendsen (b. 1970) is a doctor of philosophy and professor of philosophy at the University of Bergen. He is also an internationally bestselling non-fiction author, with a unique ability to communicate difficult contemporary and international topics in a straightforward way.
Svendsen has received several prizes for his work, and his books have been translated into more than 25 languages.