Benedicte Meyer Kroneberg

Where It Burns

Der det brenner

B. lives in Singapore and works at a shelter for women who have fled from their employer. They have arrived in the country looking for a better life, but the working conditions are demanding, and for many, life has become a nightmare. We follow B. over the course of a dramatic day, both for herself and for the women, balancing precariously between safety and danger. An intense depiction of happiness and misfortune. Where It Burns is a disturbing novel about modern slavery and personal responsibility.

Kroneberg   der det brenner

“…an ambitious and impressive novel rich in perspectives.”

Stavanger Aftenblad

“(…) places itself at an arm’s length, from exhausting thoughts and twisted perspectives. Kroneberg’s writing creates the feeling that she actually ventures where it is burning.”


“A novel whose author and protagonist literally takes its title seriously by going where it burns for themselves and in the world right now.”

Kroneberg   foto fredrik arff
Photo: Fredrik Arff

Benedicte Meyer Kroneberg (b. 1972) was born in Oslo. She graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with a degree in Nordic literature.