Anastasia Naumova - Translator of the month for February

Anastasia Naumova translates both fiction and non-fiction; from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, and from English to Russian. She is also employed as a lecturer at Moscow University of the Humanities, where she and her colleagues are doing their best to cultivate a new generation of translators. Her latest translation is Good Dogs Don’t Make It to the South Pole by Hans-Olav Thyvold, and she is currently working on My Struggle: Book 4 by Karl Ove Knausgård.

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Anastasia Naumova

Since she has translated many children’s books we asked about her thoughts on why so many children’s books are translated from Norwegian into Russian:

«In the Russian book market, Nordic children’s books are quality assured and have long traditions. I believe this is because Norwegian and other Nordic authors of children’s book mostly try to relate to children and young people without building a hierarchy where the author as an adult takes an elevated position. They do not talk to, but with their readers, and this builds a lot of trust from the young readers.»

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