Jonas Rasmussen - Translator of the Month

September’s translator of the month is Jonas Rasmussen (b. 1975) from Sweden. Rasmussen – in addition to being a translator, primarily from Danish but also from Norwegian – is also an author himself. From Danish he has translated about twenty works in various genres with his main emphasis being poetry collections. But he has also translated novels, books for children and young adults and a biography. From Norwegian he has so far translated two books; Steffen Kverneland’s Munch (Placebo Press, 2015) and Mona Høvrings Because Venus Crossed an Alp Violet on the Day I Was Born (Lil´lit Förlag, 2020). Rasmussen has studied at Lund University’s Writers’ School and has a master’s degree in literary studies, as well as a master’s degree in library and information science. He lives in Lund and made his debut as a translator in 2007 and as a writer in 2008.

Jonasr 56ps photo kentaroo tryman www.kentaroo.se
Jonas Rasmussen. Photo: Kentaroo Tryman, www.kentaroo.se

Learn more about Jonas on here or visit his website.

Those of you who understand Norwegian can read his Translator of the Month interview here.

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