NORLA goes on the air in week 38

To replace the other meeting places that will not be available this autumn, NORLA are hosting a number of digital alternatives.

Mette globuser så langt øyet rekker
Photo: Mette Børja

On Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 September, we are inviting foreign editors to two closed webinars – one day devoted to non-fiction, the other to fiction – where the international editors will be presented with new Norwegian books as a group and also take part in one-on-one meetings with Norwegian agents and editors.

This year, NORLA are making short presentation films about our selected titles, in which the authors talk about their books. The films will be shown on both days.
Ten editors, mainly from Europe, will be taking part on each of the two days. Norwegian literary agents will also be participating.

On Thursday 17 September, we have invited translators of Norwegian literature to a similar event. They will also watch a presentation of new Norwegian non-fiction books, and take part in a workshop on a text by Bjørn Hatterud with the author himself present.