Poem of the Week, week 17: Triztan Vindtorn "I Want To Touch You"

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I want to touch you
as the sea’s timid fingertips
touch the sandy shore
pluck stars from your damp hair
as each moment becomes a jewel …

I want to dance cheek to cheek
with the wind and pick a bouquet of trees
be clothed in languid starfish rays
and, like a sea lion, hide under the water’s shield
where the rays change into to a rainbow …

I want to be the music on a long-playing disc
made from grains of sand
lick the bones of my lips bare
and let my mouth savor each velvet tone
as the spinning plows up the grass …

I want to be an armada at sea
that gives every object value
like painted bodies that bathe without shame,
let each passion freely breathe
as the pattern slowly comes alive …

Triztan (Kjell Erik) Vindtorn

Translated by Nadia Christensen in Scandinavian Love Poems, An anthology by Fritz König and Randi Marie Røsnes, Eget forlag, Drammen, 2007, p. 87.

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