Poem of the Week, week 25: Henrik Wergeland "With a Bouquet"

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He has no soul who won’t believe
 that Nature is an open book,
that moss’s pallid rock-flowers have,
 like roses, voice as well as look.

My love, you know this as of old.
 The bell-flowers dreams to you disclose.
You know the lily’s silent soul,
 the words soft-spoken by the rose.

Let then your fantasy now seek
 midst summer flowers to roam so free!
And flowers, for her I charge you speak!
 For such a lovely flower is she.

On hills where dawn’s flush casts its spell
 there grow but roses like her cheek,
on peaks of light, where angels dwell,
 but lilies pure as she is meek.

And only there where blue of day
 like spring so clear does now arise,
grow violets in blue array
 as lovely as her pair of eyes

Henrik Wergeland

Translated by John Irons on johnirons.blogspot.com

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