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Poem of the Week. 52 poems through the year

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Poem of the Week is back!

In 2019, NORLA launched the project, Poem of the Week, 52 poems throughout the year, in connection with Norway being Guest of Honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse, where modern and older poetry was presented every week to an attentive international audience.
We are now continuing our focus on poetry with a new series, Poem of the Week, which, as it did last time, follows a narrative linked to the seasons. The selection is made by Annette Vonberg.

Read the poems here:

Week 38: Tarjei Vesaas: Late, in the Yard
“Seint i tunet” in Norwegian

Week 37: Henrik Ibsen: She Has Left Us!
“Borte!” in Norwegian

Week 36: Øyvind Berg: Believe We Are Planted With a Purpose
“Tror å være planta med hensikt” in Norwegian

Week 35: Inger Elisabeth Hansen: What is Your Loved One Before the Loves of Others?
“Hva er din elskede framfor andres elskede?” in Norwegian

Week 34: Nils-Aslak Valkeapää: Unborn Reindeer Calf
“šattakeat miessi” / “ufødt reinkalv” in Sámi and Norwegian

Week 33: Mona Høvring: The Little Church Down by the Sea
“Den vesle kirka ved havet” in Norwegian

Week 32: Uke 32: Johanne Fronth-Nygren: I Stick The Key
“Nøkkelen stikker jeg” in Norwegian

Week 31: Rolf Jacobsen: A Path Through Grass
“En sti i gresset” in Norwegian

Week 30: Cathrine Grøndahl: Can Trees File Suit?
“Kan trær gå til sak?” in Norwegian

Week 29: Paal-Helge Haugen: (the unknown)
“(det ukjende)” in Norwegian

Week 28: Marie Takvam: I am Alone
“Eg er åleine” in Norwegian

Week 27: Anne Bøe: Yet Ferns Spread Their Spores
“Men bregner sprer seg” in Norwegian

Week 26: Ruth Lillegraven: Mother and Father
“Mor og far” in Norwegian

Week 25: Henrik Wergeland With a Bouquet
“Med en bouquet” in Norwegian

Week 24: Øyvind Rimbereid: Rose I
“Rose I” in Norwegian

Week 23: Synnøve Persen: I Am Swimming
“Vuojadan” / “Jeg svømmer” in Sámi and Norwegian

Week 22: Astrid Hjertenæs Andersen: Yellow Laburnum
“Gullregn” in Norwegian

Week 21: Halldis Moren Vesaas: Sick deer
“Sjukt dyr” in Norwegian

Week 20: Niko Valkepää: I have given my heart
“Lean addan vaibmon” / “Jeg har gitt mitt hjerte” in Sámi and Norwegian

Week 19: Stein Mehren: The Kiss
“Kysset” in Norwegian

Week 18: Hanne Bramness: May
“Mai” in Norwegian

Week 17: Triztan Vindtorn: I Want To Touch You
“Jeg vil ta på deg” in Norwegian

Week 16: Gro Dahle: On The Really Bad Days
“På riktig dårlige dager” in Norwegian

Week 15: Helge Torvund: I Was Born on a Plain
“Eg føddes på ei slette” in Norwegian

Week 14: Jon Fosse: Night Psalm
“Nattsalme” in Norwegian

Week 13: Åse-Marie Nesse: The Harps
“Harpene” in Norwegian

Week 12: Aslaug Vaa: Fragment
“Fragment” in Norwegian

Week 11: Hans Børli: March Spring
“Marsvår” in Norwegian

Week 10: Olav H. Hauge: The river-girl
“Elvemøyi” in Norwegian

About Poem of the Week

Poetry in Norway has been asserting itself as a language-forming and society-shaping institution since the early oral tradition and first carved runes, and continues to do so via the multitude of expressions in today’s digital media. Through translations and presentations, the international community has also been able to reap from this long and rich tradition. We look forward to sharing more of this legacy throughout the coming year.

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Annette Vonberg is a writer and translator, living in Oslo. She has a master’s degree in German language and literature and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and ancient Greek from the University of Oslo. She translates poetry from Norwegian, English and Greek into German. She teaches German at Oslo Private Gymnasium and has recently given a course in German literature at the University of Oslo.

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Norway as Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse

Norway was Guest of Honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019. Please visit our website for information about the project.

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