Thank you, Kløfta!

A range of translators, authors and industry players were present at NORLA’s Translator’s Conference in June.

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NORLA's Translator's Conference at Lily Country Club in Kløfta. Photo: Fartein Rudjord.

We wanted to gather translators from all over the world to explore the translator role and literature from Norway in 2023. With indispensable help from our collaboration partners, volunteers and for not to mention the translators themselves, the conference turned out just as we hoped it would.

150 translators participated and we organised 80 separate events throughout the conference. 41 languages were represented, with Norwegian as ‘lingua franca’ – as rare as it sounds!

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Jostein Gaarder (bottom left) held a compelling speech during the opening on Monday 26th of June. Photo: Fartein Rudjord.

An important goal with the conference was to pay tribute to the translators and the impressive work they do. On the last day of the conference, authors Siri Pettersen, Maria Parr and Erika Fatland spoke to the translators about what they meant to them.

Erika Fatland called the translators her ‘angels and tormenters’, and followed up by saying:

- For you I have no secrets. You know it all, more than anyone else. Translators are often overlooked, but you yourselves do not overlook a thing! Without you, no world literature, she said.

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From top left: Siri Pettersen, Karolina Drozdowska, Stein Torleif Bjella, our language clinic and Erika Fatland. Photo: Fartein Rudjord.

… and we couldn’t agree more! Thank you to all the participants that chose to spend three days of June at Lily Country Club with us.

The conference was financed by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Read more about the conference here (in Norwegian).