Anne Elvedal - Selected Title Author

We are happy to present our selected title author Anne Elvedal. She has written The Ghost Station (original title: Spøkelsesstasjonen). The book is one of NORLA’s Selected Titles of the spring 2024.

Anne Elvedal. Photo: Fartein Rudjord/NORLA

What inspired you to write this book?

Mostly my own fear of and fascination for ghosts and death. There’s something exciting and universal in fearing the unknown, but also wanting to explore it – and that’s exactly what the main character, Billie, does. I was obsessed with ghost stories when I was young, and now I wanted to write a really good horror series for middle-grade readers. I also really wanted to write about something related to trains and train stations because my grandfather – and several generations before him – were railway people. I also grew up not far from Hell Station, a small train station that’s become a bit of a tourist attraction because of its name. So, a combination of several things, as it always is when I write.

What sets your book apart from others in the same genre/theme?

There are quite a few ghost stories for middle-grade readers, but I think it’s a genre that can often be taken a bit lightly. People think it’s easy to write something scary, but it’s important to find the right balance between seriousness and lightness so the book can really get under the reader’s skin. In that sense, I think Ghost Station stands out because at the heart of the story, there’s a fun and touching tale of friendship interwoven with a mysterious and spooky plot. Plus, there’s a surprising twist at the end, of course! I also want to mention Hedda Kverndalen’s lovely illustrations, which together with the story give the book a unique character.

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