NORLA's Translator's Award

NORLA awards annually a prize to the value of 20 000 Norwegian kroner to a talented emerging translator who has contributed significantly to the translation of Norwegian literature into foreign languages, as well as to the promotion of Norwegian literature abroad. NORLA’s Translator’s Award is given for translations directly from Norwegian.

The prize was awarded for the first time in May 2007, and will be awarded every second year to a translator who has made an eminent contribution to Norwegian non-fiction literature, and every second year to a translator of Norwegian fiction.
The fiction award is granted courtesy of Kristin Brudevoll’s Anniversary Fund.

Winners of NORLA’s Translator’s Award:

2021: Karolina Drozdowska – Polish (Fiction)

2020: Lucy Moffatt – English (Non-Fiction)

2019: Ursel Allenstein – German (Fiction)

2018: Frank Zuber – German (Non-Fiction)

2017: Maike Dörries – German (Fiction)

2016: Nargis Shinkarenko – Russian (Non-Fiction)

2015: Eva Dimitrova Kaneva – Bulgarian (Fiction)

2014: Diane Oatley – English (Non-Fiction)

2013: Dana Caspi – Hebrew (Fiction)

2012: Hwasue S. Warberg – Korean (Non-Fiction)

2011: Céline Romand-Monnier – French (Fiction)

2010: Loup-Maëlle Besançon – French (Non-Fiction)

2009: Cristina Gómez Baggethun – Spanish (Fiction)

2008: Jelena Ratsjinskaja – Russian (Non-Fiction)

2007: Olga Drobot – Russian (Fiction)

2007: John Irons – English (Non-Fiction)

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Norway as Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse

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