December 5

Ukrainian literature and collaborative translation - launch of a special issue of literary journal Tidsskriftet Mellom

Since spring, NORLA, the Norwegian Association of Literary Translators, the Ukrainian Association in Oslo, and Tidsskriftet Mellom have been working on a joint project.
The purpose has been to contribute to the recruitment of more translators from Ukrainian to Norwegian; over the past year, it has become evident that there is a glaring lack of this expertise in this area. Our response has been to connect NORLA’s contacts who translate from Norwegian to Ukrainian with members of the Norwegian Association of Literary Translators. From here, we created six “translator pairs” who have translated a selection of texts written by Ukrainian authors from the 19th century to the present. The selection was curated by Iryna Sabor and has been titled “With Words as Resistance”.

The project was launched during a half-day seminar at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on April 13th. All of the translator pairs met for an intensive workshop on June 27th after working together digitally for several months. The texts will be published in a special issue of Tidsskriftet Mellom, which will be launched at Blå (Brenneriveien 9) on December 5th.
We hope to see you there!