Astrid N. Almaas and Kirsten H. Resaland

Honestly. Handbook for Young People

Helt ærlig. Om hvordan vi henger sammen

The ultimate young people’s guide to coping with life and mental health.

Honestly is a thoroghly expert book that provides young people with knowledge and advice that can help ease their path through life. Read about topics like identity, feelings and thoughts, self-image, body and sex, you and other people, when life gets tough and mental illnesses.

Everybody has stuff going on beneath the surface. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s normal; and it’s what makes us humans different and intriguing!

Honestly is also a great reference book for anyone close to young people today; Parents, teachers and others, who want to know more and understand.

Illustrated by Kristine A. Sand.

Winner of Riksmålsprisen 2020

Almaas resaland helt ærlig 9788202658977
Almaas resaland photos åsmund holien mo
Photo: Åsmund Holien Mo

Astrid Nylander Almaas (b. 1975) is Head Physician at the Ahus-hospital in Oslo, specialized in Paediatrics. She has a doctorate in how nutrition affects the development of the brain in Children. Since 2016 she has been part of the NRK TV-show “What is Wrong with You?”.

Kirsten Holtmon Resaland (b.1980) is a specialist in the psychiatry of children and young adults and has worked with the psychic health of youth for many years.

Kristine Sand makes illustrations with warmth and humour that appeals to both children and adults. She has her education from KHiO (The Oslo Art School) and SVA (School of Visual Arts, New York) and has been working as an illustrator since 2009. She has wide experience in the field of visual communication.