Children and Young Adults
Young Adult Novel

Hilde Myklebust


Happy and Sad
The summer after tenth grade stretches out before Mia and her group of friends, long and free. Soon they’ll be going to high school and will be split up, scattering in different directions. But they have this summer together, here and now. During the vacation, Mia and Are grow close in a new way, and it’s difficult to tell the difference between friendship and what may be love. Autumn arrives and Mia moves into dorm. She blossoms in her new environment on the music programme, throwing herself into musicals and concerts, dorm life, parties and new friends.

Then Are gets ill. Very ill.

Splintered is a vibrant novel about friendship, about how it’s possible to be both happy and sad when something really wonderful and something really awful happen at the same time. Hilde Myklebust has created an intimate, rich story about intense emotions.

Myklebust splintra

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