Iben Akerlie

The Summer Everything Happened

Sommeren alt skjedde

Nora is dreading the summer holidays, which she’ll be spending in a small town with her grandmother, whom she doesn’t really know. But what happens is better than Nora could have imagined. She meets Abbas, with the greenest eyes she has ever seen. But why is Abbas scared of the shopkeeper, and why is there one set of rules for Nora, and a different set for Abbas?
The Summer Everything Happened is a story about a fate meeting, a friendship, the difficulty of standing up to injustice, and finally the courage it takes to do so.

By the author of the award-winning and bestselling middle grade novel Lol Lars, published in 15 territories.

Akerlie sommeren alt skjedde 9788203378546

‘It is a very good children’s book (…) She (Akerlie) is an ambitious author that hits the young readers straight in their heart.’


‘Iben Akerlie has an undebatable talent for storytelling.’


‘Akerlie’s authorship is warmly humanistic (…) Her books are a demonstration of the distinction between sympathy and empathy.’

Akerlie, iben photo oda hveem
Photo: Oda Hveem

Iben Akerlie (b. 1988) is a bestselling children’s book author and one of Norway’s leading young actors. Her debut Lol Lars was an instant bestseller, awarded the prestigious ARK Children’s Book Prize, nominated for the Book Sellers’ Prize, the Norwegian Children & YA Authors’ Association First Book Prize, and the Book Blogger Prize. Akerlie has a degree in special education. She lives in Oslo, Norway.