Lars Mæhle
Cathrine Sandmæl

Alba og Finito - The Mystery of the Silent Parrot

Alba og Finito - Mysteriet med den tause papegøyen

New and original detective series!

Meet Alba, daughter of the celebrity veterinary that EVERYONE wants to help their pets. Finito: A police dog in early retirement who follows Alba wherever she goes.
Including missions!

In the first book, they need to head out to help a famous hotelowner’s parrot, who has stopped talking.

Welcome to the new phenomenon!

Illustrated by Cathrine Sandmæl.

Alba og finito
Lars mæhle  foto marie mæhle rekdal
Photo: Marie Mæhle Rekdal

The books are written by Lars Mæhle (The Dinosaur Gang, The Crow’s Mansion Kindergarten Mystery) and illustrated by Cathrine Sandmæl.