Britt Karin Larsen

A Tree Grows in Mostamägg

Det vokser et tre i Mostamägg

A Three Grows in Mostamägg is set in the huge Finnskogen forest during the 19th century. The “forest Finns” have their own outcasts, who have to try to survive as best they can.
Britt Karin Larsen writes beautifully, with raw realism and often very movingly about Lina and Taneli’s struggle for survival and the strong bonds with nature from which they draw both their strength and the necessities of life.

A Three Grows in Mostamägg is the first book in Larsen’s series of five novels about life in Finnskogen. The following titles in the series are: Himmelbjørnens skog (2010), Som steinen skinner (2011), Før snøen kommer (2012), Det synger i lauvet (2013), Slik treet faller (2014) and Kaldere mot natten (2015).

The books have recieved great reviews both in Norway and abroad.

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A Tree Grows in Mostamägg is beautiful and cruel, quiet and very dramatic. The final episode is a genuine cliff-hanger, and an omen of future novels (…)!”


‘A poetic tale from Finnskogen … The narrative in A Tree Grows in Mostamägg is incredibly beautifully told – the dark tone has a mysterious depth, scented with soil and conifer needles. ’

Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden
Larsen, britt karin photo anita krok, glåmdalen
Photo: Anita Krok, Glåmdalen

Britt Karin Larsen has written poetry, books for children, documentary books and novels. Her first published work was the 1978 collection of poetry 5 mg blues og andre dikt. With her so called ‘Gypsy trilogy’, Larsen gained both a wide audience and received great reviews: De som ser etter tegn (1997), Den usynlige by (1998) and Sangen om løpende hester (1999).