Changes in NORLA's application process

We are making a few changes to our application process, in order to secure more efficient handling. First out are our two biggest schemes: translation subsidy and production subsidy for illustrated books.

Piggy bank photo by ave calvar on unsplash btgxuw9x7b4
Photo by Ave Calvar on Unsplash

New application deadlines

As of 2024, we are reducing the number of application deadlines, with three deadlines in total, for Norwegian books in all genres:
1 February, 1 April and 1 November.

Digital application portal

As announced last autumn, the application process is now transferred to a new digital application portal, where the publishers are asked to submit the applications and attachments (PDF).
This will greatly improve the application process by making it more reliable and efficient, and at the same the publishers will get an overview of all applications submitted to, and processed by, NORLA.

As of January 17, 2024, applications will only be accepted through NORLA’s new online application form.

Read more about out translation subsidy and other schemes for publishers here.