For agents and publishers

Translation subsidy

APPLICATION DEADLINES: Fiction: 1 April, 1 August, 15 November | Non-fiction: 1 February, 1 June, 1 October

NORLA’s translation subsidies are intended to encourage foreign publishers to publish books by Norwegian and Sami authors of fiction and non-fiction. Publishers from the entire world, including from the Nordic region, can apply for NORLA’s subsidies for translations of Norwegian literature.

Send application form and attachments to:
and write ‘Translation Subsidy’ in the subject field.

Translation subsidies between Nordic languages

APPLICATION DEADLINES (Norwegian titles): Fiction: 1 April, 1 August, 15 November | Non-fiction: 1 February, 1 June, 1 October

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ programme for art and culture will continue its funding scheme for the translation of literature and drama from one Nordic language to another.

Criteria for NORLA's translation subsidy

The aim of NORLA’s translation subsidy is to contribute to increasing the number of Norwegian books that are translated, published and distributed abroad. NORLA’s board reviews the criteria on a regular basis.
NORLA subsidises translations of Norwegian and Sami languages.

For translations from Sami languages, subsidies are granted provided the original has a Norwegian ISBN number and that it is for a market outside the Nordic region.

Production subsidies for illustrated Norwegian books

APPLICATION DEADLINES: As for translation subsidy: Fiction: 1 April, 1 August, 15 November | Non-fiction: 1 February, 1 June, 1 October

NORLA has two schemes offering production subsidies for illustrated books.

Translation grants for Norwegian contemporary drama

APPLICATION DEADLINES: 15 February, 15 May, 15 September and 15 November

The Writers’ Guild of Norway (in Norwegian: Dramatikerforbundet) may award grants for the translation of Norwegian dramatic works to other languages. The primary purpose of the grant scheme is to contribute to the presentation/production of Norwegian drama abroad.

Subsidies for anthologies and journals


NORLA can award subsidies for the translation of Norwegian literature for publication in journals and anthologies, etc. or other projects falling outside of the criteria for ordinary translation subsidies.

Sample translations for agents and publishers

APPLICATION DEADLINES: 1 March and 1 September

Agents and publishers in Norway and abroad can apply to NORLA for subsidies for sample translations.

Travel grants for Norwegian authors and lecturers invited to attend festivals, book launches/author presentations abroad

NO FIXED APPLICATION DEADLINE, but at least one month before the event is to take place

NORLA offers funding for book launch trips and author presentations abroad.
NORLA is commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to administrate an annual amount to be allocated to Norwegian authors who have been invited to festivals or conferences abroad.

Travel grants for publishers, the press and translators

NO FIXED APPLICATION DEADLINE, but at least one month before the trip is to take place

NORLA offers funding for travel to Norway for publishers, members of the press and translators for meetings with Norwegian publishers, agents and authors.

Travel grant for Norwegian agents and publishers

Funding for activities related to the export of Norwegian literature.

Grants for export and market initiatives for Norwegian books and authors abroad

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 1 February, 1 May, 1 September

The scheme will help strengthen exports, demand and market development for Norwegian books and authors abroad, and in doing so increase the earnings for Norwegian participants. The projects for which grants are applied for should be aimed at opening new markets for one or more books or authors; or aimed at the further development of existing markets. The grant scheme is intended to stimulate good market ideas and initiatives for titles that have specific export potential, as well as initiating new and strengthening existing collaborative projects with international publishers, sub-agents and other relevant partners.

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