Happy Sami National Day!

Today is the Sami National Day, and everyone at NORLA offers our warmest congratulations to all our Sami friends and the Sami people: Læhkoeh biejjine – Vuorbbe biejvijn – Lihkku beivviin – Gratulerer med dagen!

See below for pictures from some of last year’s events at Frankfurter Buchmesse featuring Sami authors and literature.

We also recommend the Book Fair’s official Guest of Honour film from Norway’s pavilion, which includes Sami joik from 03:40 mins. and a soundtrack by Elle Márjá Eira – who also performed at the opening ceremony of the fair.
Watch the film here

Dsc 2568 åpningen ella marja eira
Elle Márjá Eira performing at the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 Frankfurter Buchmesse. Photo: Sabine Felber
Dsc 1838 a
From the left: Inga Ravna Eira, Biret Risten Sara and Karen Anne Buljo at Frankfurter Buchmesse, Stage 2 in the Guest of Honour Pavilion. Photo: Sabine Felber
Dsc 1860 a
From the left: Máret Ánne Sara and Niillas Holmberg at the Guest of Honour Pavilion's Main stage. Photo: Sabine Felber
2020.02.06 samisk kollasj
From the left: Inga Ravna Eira, Niillas Holmberg (in the background: Harald Gaski), Karen Anne Buljo and Synnøve Persen. Photos: Sabine Felber.

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Learn more about Sami literature at our Guest of Honour website norway2019.com

See the book covers of Sami literature translated through NORLA’s translation subsidy at our Flickr account

And about the Sami National Day

We also recommend the joint Sami bibliography for Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia available courtesy of the Norwegian National Library

(All photos: Sabine Felber)