Stefka Kozhuharova - Translator of the Month for September

Stefka Kozhuharova dreamed of becoming a translator since she was in high school. Today, she has translated Roy Jacobsen, Maja Lunde, Dag Solstad and a string of other authors from Norwegian into Bulgarian.

Stefka månedens september
Stefka Kozhuharova translates from Norwegian into Bulgarian. Photo: Private.

You can read the full interview in Norwegian here, but below is a taster from our interview in English:

What question should we have asked you?

I would like to answer the question: “Stefka, what do you like most about being a translator?” And what I find most fascinating about this profession (if we ignore the joy of working with language as I already mentioned) is perhaps that as a translator you can never be fully qualified. This perhaps applies to all professions, but I notice it every day while translating. “Learning to translate” is a process that lasts as long as you are working with translation, and I think that you can never reach your goal. I find that quite fascinating and almost romantic.

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Those of you who understand Norwegian can read Stefka’s interview in full here.

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